Instruments to motivate sports club managers to design the environment of their club in a health-promoting way


In 2019, Swiss Olympic's prevention programme "cool and clean" launched a checklist "Suggestions for sports clubs" to support sports clubs in designing the environment of their club in a health-promoting way. In essence, the tool formulates 8 standards.

8 Standards der "Anregungen für Sportvereine"
© Swiss Olympic, «cool and clean»

The "cool and clean" ambassadors in the cantons were then asked to look for sports clubs that implement these 8 standards. As there was no widespread implementation on the part of the club managers, the project with BECAUSE was started in order to find instruments which can motivate the sports clubs.

Aim of the project

The aim of this project is to investigate how sports club managers can be encouraged to implement measures for a health-promoting club environment. To achieve this goal, the first three steps of our approach (definition, diagnosis, design) were carried out.


The first step of the project was to define the target group and the target behaviour in cooperation with the project partner "cool and clean".

Target Group

At the centre of the project are the club managers, for example the board members of the sports clubs. In addition, the coaches of the clubs and the "cool and clean" ambassadors are also responsible for implementing the standards.

Target behavior

The behaviour to be examined is about the efforts of those responsible for the sports club to design the environment of their club in a health-promoting way. The people responsible should implement the 8 standards for a health-promoting club environment.


In a second step, interviews were conducted with 24 club managers (and/or coaches) and 6 "cool and clean" ambassadors. The goal of these one-hour interviews was to discuss the status quo of the sports club with regard to the implementation of the 8 standards and the use of the "Suggestions for sports clubs". The aim was to understand which framework conditions, barriers and incentives have contributed to this status quo and could possibly change it.


In the following step, the findings from the interviews were transferred into the development of concrete measures. First, the current status quo in the sports clubs was compared with the desired target state. Subsequently, two concrete packages of measures were derived to help overcome the existing barriers and framework conditions and to achieve the desired target state. The first package of measures refers to the fact that the offers for the sports clubs should be more strongly oriented towards their concrete needs and problems and shows individual steps on how this can be implemented. The second package of measures points out that the communication of the offer must be broadly based in order to be perceived by the sport clubs.