Abteilung Consumer Behavior


Dr. Adrian Gadient-Brügger

Dozentur für Sustainable Behavior und Oberassistent

+41 31 631 86 75
Universität Bern
Institut für Marketing und Unternehmensführung
Abteilung Consumer Behavior
Engehaldenstrasse 4
3012 Bern
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Ausgewählte Publikationen
Brügger, A. (2020). Understanding the psychological distance of climate change: The limitations of construal level theory and suggestions for alternative theoretical perspectives. Global Environmental Change, 60, 102023.
Brügger, A., Dorn, M.H., Messner, C., & Kaiser, F. (in press). Development of a conformity scale within the Campbell Paradigm. Social Psychology.

We recently extended the item pool for this scale to better distinguish between middle and high levels of conformity. All items can be found on researchgate.

Höchli, B., Brügger, A., Abegglen, R., & Messner, C. (2019). Using a goal theoretical perspective to reduce negative and promote positive spillover after a bike-to-work campaign. Frontiers in Psychology, 10.
Höchli, B., Brügger, A., & Messner, C. (2018). How focusing on superordinate goals motivates broad, long-term goal pursuit: A theoretical perspective. Frontiers in Psychology, 9, 1879, 1–14.
Brügger, A., & Pidgeon, N.F. (2018). Spatial framing, existing associations, and climate change beliefs. Environmental Values, 27, 559–584.
Brügger, A., & Otto, S. (2017). Naturbewusstsein psychologisch: Was ist Naturbewusstsein, wie misst man es und wie wirkt es auf Umweltschutzverhalten? In Rückert-John, J. (Ed.), Gesellschaftliche Naturkonzeptionen. (pp. 215–238). Berlin, Heidelberg: Springer.
Brügger, A., Morton, T. A.; Dessai, S. (2016). “Proximising” climate change reconsidered: A construal level theory perspective. Journal of Environmental Psychology, 46, 125-142. (pdf)
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Friedrich, V., Brügger, A., & Bauer, G. (2015). Worksite tobacco prevention: A randomized, controlled trial of adoption, dissemination strategies and health outcomes across companies. BioMed Research International, Article ID 136505. (pdf)
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Tobias, R., Brügger, A., & Mosler, H.-J. (2009). Developing strategies for waste reduction by means of tailored interventions in Santiago de Cuba. Environment and Behavior, 41(6), 836–865.
Friedrich, V., Brügger, A., & Bauer, G. (2009). Worksite tobacco prevention in the Canton of Zurich: Stages of change, predictors, and outcomes. International Journal of Public Health, 54(6), 427–438.
2017–to date Lecturer in Sustainable Behavior/Senior Teaching and Research Assistant, Department of Consumer Behavior, University of Bern
2015–2016 Honorary Research Fellow, School of Psychology, University of Cardiff
2014–2015                     Senior Teaching and Research Assistant, Department of Consumer Behavior, University of Bern
2011–2014                Research Associate, Department of Consumer Behavior, University of Bern
2007–2009 Junior Research Assistant / Research Associate, Institute of Social and Preventive Medicine, University of Zurich
2004–2007 Junior Research Assistant, Forensic Psychiatric Service, University of Bern
2002–2004 Commercial employee and translator, Commissariat d’Avaries SA, Neuchâtel
Academic degrees
2009 - 2014 Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology, University of Exeter                                                   
2005 - 2009  Master of Science in Psychology and Environmental Sciences, University of Zurich
2003 - 2005 Foundation Studies in Psychology, University of Fribourg