Abteilung Consumer Behavior


Dr. Sabrina Stöckli


+41 31 631 80 29
Universität Bern
Institut für Marketing und Unternehmensführung
Abteilung Consumer Behavior
Engehaldenstrasse 4
3012 Bern
Auserwählte Publikationen
Dorn, M, & Stöckli, S. (2018). Social influence fosters the use of a reusable takeaway box. Waste Management, 79, 296301.
Stöckli, S., Dorn, M., & Niklaus, E. (2018). Call for testing interventions to prevent consumer food waste. Resources, Conservation and Recycling, 445–462.
Stöckli, S., Dorn, M., & Liechti, S. (2018). Normative Prompts Reduce Consumer Food Waste in Restaurants. Waste Management, 532536.
Stöckli, S., Schulte-Mecklenbeck, M., Borer, S., & Samson, A. C. (in press). Automated emotional facial expression analysis. In M. Schulte-Mecklenbeck, A. Kühberger, & R. Ranyard (Eds.), A handbook of process tracing methods for decision research: A critical review and user’s guide.
Stöckli, S., Schulte-Mecklenbeck, M., Borer, S., & Samson, A. C. (2017). Facial Expression Analysis with AFFDEX and FACET: A validation study. Behavior Research Methods, 368–374.
Stämpfli, A. E., Stöckli, S., & Brunner, T. A. (2017). A nudge in a healthier direction: How environmental cues help restrained eaters pursue their weight-control goal. Appetite, 110, 94–102.
Stöckli, S., Stämpfli, A. E., Messner, C., & Brunner, T. A. (2016). An (un)healthy poster: When environmental cues affect consumers’ food choices at vending machines. Appetite, 96, 368–374.
Professional Experience
2017 - present Senior Research and Teaching Assistant, Department of Consumer Behavior, University of Bern
2014 - 2017                                                 
Research and Teaching Assistant, Department of Consumer Behavior, University of Bern
2012 - 2017                   Teaching Assistant, Haus der Berufsbildung AG, Winterthur
2014 Internship at GfK Switzerland (Team Loyalty Research)
2008 - 2010 Commercial Employee (Controlling), Gravure SA
2007 - 2008 Internship at the Human Resources Department, Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, Bern
2006 Internship as Commercial Employee, Clinic Bethesda
Academic Degrees
2017 - present Certificate of Advanced Studies in Higher Education, University of Bern
2014 - 2017       
PhD in Business Administration (Dr.rer.oec.), University of Bern (Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Claude Messner)
2012 - 2014   Master of Science in Business Administration, University of Bern
2009 - 2013 Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, University of Bern